Cable Fox Cable Fox

Cable Fox Remote Control ADCP Positioning System  

Spider Satellite Spider Satellite

Spider Satellite from HalyTech is a compact low power data...

DataSight DataSight Environmental Data Management Software

DataSight is Environmental Data Management Software that...

Flying Fox Portable ADCP Towing System FFX: Flying Fox Portable ADCP Towing System

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Flying Fox Portable ADCP Towing...

Hornet Cableway Hornet/Hornet Plus/Hornet SS: Automatic Cableway System

Remote control cableway system for existing or new...

3WBC: Type A Bridge Crane 3WBC: Type A Bridge Crane

Hydrological Services' re designed 3 Wheel Bridge Crane....

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Water Management Technological Leap - Radar Discharge Measurement

Technology that can provide accurate real-time water data has many critical applications. From managing water usage, hydro-power generation, to warning communities of impending flooding, precise water data is vital to the protection of human life.

Breakthroughs in technology such as the Sommer RQ-30 Discharge Radar Sensor will become pivotal in the way we collect and analyze water data, empowering water managers to make more effective real-time decisions.

Watch the Press Release video here.


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