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Hydra-Pulse Radar Level Sensor with 2mm accuracy achieves FCC certification

One of the country’s leading suppliers of hydro-meteorological sensors, Hydrological Services America, has announced that their next generation Hydra-Pulse SDI-12 non-contact Radar Level Sensor has achieved FCC certification.   Building on an already innovative technology the ‘Hydra-Pulse’ Radar Level Sensor raises the bar even further by offering 2mm accuracy and a measuring range of up to 230 feet above water. The new instrument can be used to measure water level in many applications and industries. Easy to install, compact and maintenance free, the Hydra-Pulse maintains its accuracy regardless of rain, humidity, dust or temperature and has a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of more than 50 years.

Water Management Technological Leap - Radar Discharge Measurement

Technology that can provide accurate real-time water data has many critical applications. From managing water usage, hydro-power generation, to warning communities of impending flooding, precise water data is vital to the protection of human life.

Breakthroughs in technology such as the Sommer RQ-30 Discharge Radar Sensor will become pivotal in the way we collect and analyze water data, empowering water managers to make more effective real-time decisions.

Watch the Press Release video here.


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