Hydrological Services America has a vast selection of hydrological equipment with high precision, low maintenance and economical solutions to give you the best equipment for your specific application regardless of location.

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Hydrological Services is a leading manufacturer of an extensive range of Meteorological Equipment such as Rain Gauges, Telemetered Rainfall Systems, Calibration Equipment, Rainfall Sentry, Evaporation Measuring Equipment and a wide range of accessories. We also exclusively represent Sommer Mess-Systemtechnik, leading innovators in Snow Analysis and Snow Melt Prediction.

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Data Loggers

Hydrological Services America is the distributor for iQUEST advanced data loggers. In addition, Hydrological Services designs and manufactures a wide range of Data loggers and Wireless Communication Devices.

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Telemetry Systems

Hydrological Services America can supply systems and equipment to fit any means of telemetry. We represent specific lines of Short Haul Radio transmitting systems and cellular modems.

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Not only does Hydrological Services America offer technical support for its terminal software, but offers several other programs to help manage real-time and historical data, send warnings via e-mail and SMS, operate controls and alarms or even perform hydrological modeling of the discharge from a river.

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