RB1: RedBack Current Meter

RB1: RedBack Current Meter

RedBack Bucket Current Meter
Model RB1

The Hydrological Services RedBack current meter is our new generation cup-type current meter. It allows the measurement of water flow in streams, open canals, pressure pipes, lakes and seas to a fine degree of accuracy and repeat ability; this is due to its advanced contact switching system and interchangeable bucket system that provides trouble free operation. 

The meter is made to be used in the most extreme environments and ensures reliable field service for many years. The RedBack is supplied in a kit which is affordable and user friendly, allowing the operator to measure water flow using a simple traditional method. 

Points of Interest:

  • Robust construction
  • Interchangeable buckets in case of damage
  • High accuracy ±1% 
  • Advanced contact switching system
  • Minimum starting velocity 0.025m/s
  • Maximum Velocity 8.0m/s
  • Durable Tungsten tip pivot and bearing assembly for long lasting  replicated motion
  • Direct velocity reading when used in conjunction with the CMCsp, PVD100 or HydroMate