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The Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge is recognized as a world standard for measuring rainfall and precipitation in remote and unattended locations. The bucket tips when precipitation...

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Water Level

With over twenty individual instruments to make an accurate and reliable water level measurement, Hydrological Services America offers a complete line of water level...

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Water Flow

Hydrological Services America’s water flow measurement instruments offer precise, highly calibrated current meters, electronic automated top set wading rods and complex...

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Data & Telemetry

Hydrological Services America offers a comprehensive range of intelligent Data Loggers, from single input to powerful multi-input feature-rich models with alarm capability and... 

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Snow & Ice

Hydrological Services America represents a line of high quality, specialized snow measuring equipment.  Our line ranges from snow pillows and snow scales to non-contact sensors...

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Latest News


The Game Changer - A Radar that Learns! With the ability to accurately measure both velocity and...

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The Hornet Plus Cableway System is designed for towing an ADCP for flow gauging across a stream or...

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TB6 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge. The TB6 Rain Gauge has the ability to provide a reliable, accurate,...

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Our various social media accounts are a great way to keep up with what Hydrological Services America...

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