Compact Weather Sensors

Compact weather sensors made of corrosion-resistant materials with latest sensor technology

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MET portfolio of the year

Rain, Snow, Hail, Ice - decades of experience and relentless innovation have gone into our extensive range of Meteorology Sensors for liquid, mixed and solid precipitation.

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Surface Velocity & Discharge

Transforming the way we measure with Non-Contact Radar and Innovative Cableway Traversing Systems.

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Water Quality

Exceeding expectations on price and performance, the TriOS NICO excels as part of an integrated solution.

Think a Nitrate Sensor network is out of reach?

Not anymore!

HSA/KISTERS Group provides globally recognized, quality sensors, systems and software for all aspects of the hydro-meteorological cycle.

HSA/KISTERS group excels with a deep portfolio of Sensors for every application. We pioneered the implementation of Non-Contact Discharge Radar in the US which is transforming the way flow is measured. We are the global standard for Tipping bucket Rain Gauges and have carved out an international reputation as a world leader in the design and manufacture of Cableway Towing devices. With the much anticipated merger with KISTERS we now combine the muscle of our proven hardware with KISTERS powerful data analytics and visualization software to form an advanced decision support system to solve your most complex hydro-meteorological challenges. [More]

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All New PreciBal Total Precipitation Gauge

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Expand your Cableway measurement possibilities

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ADMS Flood Warning

The availability of real-time discharge data has become increasingly important ...

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CFX Cable Fox

The Cable Fox Model (CFX) is HyQuest Solutions latest towing system for deployment ...