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Mission Statement

Our goal at Hydrological Services America, LLC is to supply the instrument that is right for our client and their specific application. Regardless of location, extreme conditions or integration requirements, HSA is dedicated to finding the solution that is best for retrieving, storing and sending the most accurate and reliable data possible.

Who We Are

Hydrological Services America is a company dedicated to providing the highest quality hydro-meteorological equipment, solutions and services to our customers throughout the USA and Latin America.

Based in Lake Worth, Florida, Hydrological Services America was founded on February 1st, 1998 to operate as the exclusive U.S., Central & South American sales and customer support center for all products manufactured by Hydrological Services Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia.

HyQuest Solutions (formerly Hydrological Services Pty Ltd) was founded in 1968 and is regarded as one of the world’s leading designers & manufacturers of hydrological /meteorological instruments and equipment for detecting, measuring, and recording rainfall, stream gauging, water level and water flow. It is Quality Accredited to ISO9001/2008 and presently exports to over 40 Countries worldwide.

Since the foundation of the companies, Hydrological Services and Hydrological Services America have acquired partners specialized in their field in order to offer a complete line of high quality hydro-meteorological and data acquisition equipment. You can read more about each companies' area of expertise below.

HyQuest Solutions Pty. Ltd.

With more than 40 years relevant experience and staff based in locations within Australia and New Zealand and Asia, HyQuest Solutions offers a range of environmental monitoring, data acquisition and reporting solutions for water, air and energy applications world-wide.

HyQuest Solutions are a subsiduary of KISTERS global group of companies which is headquartered in Aachen (Germany) and has representations in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

HyQuest Solutions is accredited with ISO9001:2008 Quality Certification.

Sommer Messtechnik

Sommer Messtechnik has been manufacturing and developing innovative, high quality sensors in the meteorological and hydrological field for over 20 years. Sommer specializes in Non-Contact Velocity & Discharge Radar, Snow measurement, and runoff and avalanche warning systems. They have become a leading company in developing new, reliable and accurate instruments in these fields.