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TB6 Raingauge - The Quiet Achiever

We know Rain Gauges.  They have been at the core of our business for over two decades. Our obsession with innovation began in the 1980's with a collaboration between Hydrological Services and a number of international meteorological organizations desiring to implement a more accurate and reliable rain gauge. Over the next 20 years our 3 signature rain gauges became the largest selling products in our portfolio worldwide.  Many prestigious international agencies such as NOAA, Environment Canada, Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Cemaden Brazil, China Water, South African Weather Service and Department of Meteorology Thailand to name just a few, have made our Tipping Bucket Rain gauges a keystone of their rainfall measurement programs. 

Being at the forefront of developing three of the most advanced Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges on the market has sometimes made it challenging for our customers to know which one is right for their specific application.  

TB6 Time to Shine!

So...in the interests of simplicity allow me to introduce you to the unassuming star of our Rain Gauge lineup - the TB6.  Sometimes overlooked because of the TB3 and TB4's impressive performance in high intensity rainfall events, the TB6 is the ideal instrument for many customers and at a lower cost.  

The TB6 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge has the ability to provide a reliable, accurate, low maintenance solution backed by decades of on the ground, in the field experience, in a wide range of applications including extreme environments.  And although this sounds shamelessly biased we believe the TB6 is the best Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge on the market for its class...bar none!

  • Accuracy - better than 1% at 2 inches/hour 
  • World standard 200mm diameter catch
  • Robust corrosion resistant construction
  • Long term stable calibration
  • Field proven reliability
  • Great value
  • Used world-wide in a range of extreme environments

80% reduction in clogs observed after switching to the TB6

Nashville Metro Water  achieved an 80%+ reduction in clogs after switching to the TB6. This is due to the difference between the flat screen filter on many tipping buckets and the innovative finger filter on the TB6 .  
30 months after upgrade, the actual % reduction was 83% and over the course of the evaluation period, the cumulative reduction has ranged from an 80% to an 84% reduction.

Can you trust your rainfall data?

Can you trust your rainfall data?
Is there anything more important than knowing that the rainfall that is falling is being accurately measured and reported to you.  
If you can't trust your data where does that leave you?  It's so fundamental...that it almost seems redundant to ask the question. However, at HSA we know that in order to get a great answer you need to ask the right question...so here are 4 questions you need to know the answers to  BEFORE you purchase a Rain Gauge.  

  • Region: What is the expected range of intensities the rain gauge will measure?
  • Accuracy: What level of accuracy is acceptable?
  • Return Frequency: Up to what return frequency do you wish to measure accurately?
  • Reliability: What is the expected level of reliability over time?

The Quiet Achiever

The TB6 is a rock solid, reliable, accurate, economical Rain Gauge with very stable calibration that offers a better than 1% accuracy at rainfall rates up to to 2" per hour.
And...it may be the only Rain Gauge you'll ever need.


Peter Ward
Hydrological Services America


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