TRIOS NICO Affordable Nitrate Monitoring

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What's new in Nitrate Sensors...everything!

2019 TriOS NICO Image

Due to our recent merger with KISTERS worldwide, we now have a unique offering in the Nitrate sensor market. Hold on to your hats...its big!

This sensor is built by TriOS, a respected and established German manufacturer of optical sensors. The TriOS NICO, now with SDI-12 has been tested and deployed in the United States and around the world and is proven to be rugged, reliable and accurate. As you may be aware, in-situ nitrate sensors have been historically expensive to purchase and costly to maintain. The TriOS NICO disrupts the status quo addressing both of these issues head on with a dramatically lower sensor price and very low maintenance requirements. The NICO's accuracy and reliability rival sensors that cost as much as $20,000 to $30,000.

In head to head comparisons with one of the leading nitrate sensors, the nimble, easy to use NICO demonstrated exceptional reliability in challenging conditions producing high quality data. Keeping the sensor in tip-top operating condition is simple with the state of the art anti-fouling W55 Wiper. With ease of use and serviceability highlighted by operators as key benefits, there's a lot to love about the TriOS NICO Nitrate Sensor.

SDI-12 Capability

The SDI-12 capable TriOS NICO excels as part of an integrated solution with optional IP iRIS Undercover Data Logger connecting seamlessly with KISTERS datasphere putting you squarely in command of your data. Make sound decisions with the ability to rapidly assess current and developing situations in real time.

TriOS NICO features

  • Real time in-situ continuous nitrate measurement
  • SDI-12 capability
  • Proven UV-absorption method
  • Low maintenance with optional wiper
  • Optical window with nano coating

End to End Solutions

From stand alone simple nitrate sensor deployment to comprehensive end to end solutions...we've got you covered.

Real Time Nitrate Sensor NICO's four detection channels enable a precise optical determination of nitrate by absorption, taking into account turbidity and organic substances that pose a problem for many products currently on the market. An internal temperature correction additionally increases stability of the measured values.

iRIS Undercover IP Capable Data Logger the compact data logger with large capability. Low power consumption with up to 20 virtual sensors, non-volatile memory and local wireless connectivity.

KISTERS datasphere is an innovative cloud service that easily stores, visualizes, integrates and automates alerts on data from your sensor network, webcams, open data and more sources. Discover how datasphere with future proof architecture harnesses your IoT network and empowers you to make wise decisions at the right time.

And the winner!

Our merger with KISTERS has brought with it an amazing water quality team with over 50 years combined experience. We are excited about all we can now offer our customers in water quality. Due to an absence of competition in the marketplace, customers have not had much choice when it comes to the measurement of Nitrate, which has become so critical in the world of water quality. Imagine a nitrate sensor with all the benefits of much more costly sensors with equal or superior reliability, high quality data, ease of use and low maintenance requirements. It is indeed a whole new world for our customers, for whom the measurement of this parameter is so crucial. The TriOS NICO is a game changer in water quality! Why? Because we can now offer this remarkable sensor at such a great price without the loss of a single product benefit.