Your Weather Sensor Network has arrived

Product Announcement

WeatherSens Compact Weather Sensors

Introducing the next generation of Compact Weather Sensors with remarkable parameter flexibility making it the ideal choice in simple to complex applications including Smart Cities and Road Weather Monitoring, along with a wide variety of Hydro-Meteorological applications. Available as a single/dual sensor, multi-parameter sensor or a complete automatic weather station.

Measure from 1 to 7 meteorological parameters with innovative sensor technology

The full-metal, corrosion resistant teflon-coated aluminum alloy WeatherSens MP-series and corrosion resistant Polycarbonate WeatherSens WS-Series excel with the very latest, field proven sensor technology such as ultra-sonic, capacitive, piezo and photo-electric for critical weather parameters such as wind, temperature, relative humidity, air-pressure, precipitation and solar radiation in a compact, robust design.

Single/Dual Sensors or complete Weather Stations

  • Wind speed: ultrasonic technology
  • Wind direction: ultrasonic technology
  • Temperature: diode voltage technology
  • Relative humidity: capacitive technology
  • Air-pressure: piezo resistor technology
  • Rainfall: piezoelectric and photoelectric technology with accuracy of +/-5% according to WMO guidelines
  • Solar radiation: photoelectric technology

Smart Cities need Smart Sensors

What is a Smart City?

Smart cities use IoT devices such as connected sensors, lights, and meters to collect and analyze data. The cities then use this data to improve infrastructure and public utilities, deliver advance flood warnings and so much more.

The global pandemic has accelerated the rise of Smart Cities. In addition, climate change has made it a matter of urgency to develop intelligent monitoring networks that streamline processes like flood warning, road weather alerts, bridge flooding etc., thus protecting life and property.

The quiet achievers of the Smart City framework will continue to be ultra reliable, innovative and cost effective sensors that measure and relay indispensable and potentially life-saving data to decision makers.

New Tools for the Modern Farmer

"Knowledge is Power" Francis Bacon

Being cognizant of changing weather conditions is critical to productive agriculture. The ability to know what is happening in real time empowers farmers to make wise decisions, resulting in enhanced farming practices, increased crop yields and an overall increase in profitability.

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Robust protection for Solar Farms

Solar Farms

Protect your Solar investment with the powerful combination of WeatherSens and HailSens. Create your own custom solution to predict, quantify, plan for adverse weather conditions and maximize solar efficiency with an integrated weather, hail solution that represents true value for money.


Expand your weather network for less

We are proud to welcome the new WeatherSens to our Meteorological line-up. Along with its robust construction, compact size, minimal power needs and future forward technology, the WeatherSens delivers exceptional value for money. The WeatherSens line-up provides the opportunity to develop greater data density by deploying a larger sensor network at a lower cost per sensor.