microSpider2 Industrial : 3G Telemetry, Logging & Alarm System

The microSpider2 Industrial is a complete data logging and telemetry system. It includes all software, hardware, backup battery and a built-in mobile phone module. The enclosure fits standard DIN rail brackets.

The microSpider2 Industrial can 

  • monitor inputs (analogue, digital, counters, frequency, quadrature/shaft encoder)
  • control outputs
  • generate SMS, email and twitter alarms
  • record data
  • send data via e-mail or FTP
  • communicate via internal 3G modem
  • charge an external SLA battery via a built-in solar panel / mains charger
  • update software automatically in-field from remote servers, or update from connected pc.

The microSpider2 Industrial is ideal for long term monitoring and can interface with a wide range of sensors and meters. The browser interface makes it easy to set up and test. It can be powered from 12v dc. The microSpider2 Industrial logs data and automatically sends reports via email or ftp. Any alarms can activate outputs, send SMS and email alarm messages as well as historical reports.

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Dimensions: (approx) 6 ¼ in x 2 ¼ in x 3 ½ in (156 mm x 60 mm x 87 mm)

Weight: (approx) 1 ½ lbs (500 g)

Operating temperature: 23 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 to +50 degrees Celsius)

Data Recorder

Capacity: approximately 400,000 records

Storage memory: Non-volatile FLASH

Time resolution: 1 second

Download format: CSV file

Power Supply

Operating voltage: Nominal 12V DC, min 1A

Power consumption:

Standby 65 uA
Active <3mA (modem off, LAN powered externally)
Active 100mA (modem on, LAN powered internally)
Active 250mA (modem on, communicating)

Integrated battery charger regulator: Charges an external 12V SLA battery from an external 12V solar panel or a 16 - 30V DC 2A power source

Backup battery:

Internal, user replaceable 9V battery (optional)


Factory backup 12 months parts and labor guarantee