SatVUE : Remote Satellite Monitoring System

Reliable, cost-effective remote site monitoring anywhere.

If environmental monitoring of remote sites is required for approval, operation or compliance of your business, accurate data collection and analysis are vital, but not at any price. SatVUE delivers what used to be impossible: accurate, timely, continuous data collection, analysis and control in a smart, tough device which is cost effective to purchase and run.

SatVUE is a compact, robust satellite remote monitoring system designed for the toughest conditions. With an IP rating of 65 and tested for operation between -20 °C to + 60 °C (-68 °F to 140 °F), SatVUE offers a reliable and cost effective solution for remote environmental monitoring.

SatVUE comes in three models with different forms of mounting, each with a choice of two power sources, solar or battery with two year life:
1. SatVUE Pole sits on a pole above the ground and is designed to monitor air or other parameters such as rainfall and water level.
2. SatVUE Tank sits on the flat surface of a tank or other container and is designed to measure the level of liquid. It is a popular choice for asset monitoring.
3. SatVUE Bore sits above the ground on a hollow bore pipe through which sensors pass to measure the groundwater below. It is also fitted with three vertical stabilizers. SatVUE is the popular choice for measuring groundwater.

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Points of Interest:

  • Easy to use "plug and play" solution
  • Fast, economical installation & operation
  • Reliable satellite communication
  • Global coverage using Inmarsat's 4 satellite system
  • Easy data access & control via web portal
  • Choice of two power sources: solar or battery
  • Automated alerts, triggers & reports
  • Cost effective data reporting of sensed parameters plus battery voltage and internal temperature
  • Compatible with HyQuest Solutions' range of rainfall (pulse output) and water level (4-20mA output) sensors

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Bore Mount
Tank Mount
Pole Mount