WinComLog is a Windows Application used to communicate with a Hydrological Services RRDL3 Logger, RDL4 Logger, ML1 Logger, ML420 Logger or a Data Retrieval unit via the RS232 port. The application has 4 distinct screens that allow terminal type communication (with data capture), as well as plotting of Rain and River data, Scheduling of automatic data collection and upgrading new firmware into the Logger.

WinComLog is free to download and use.

Selected products

Configuration Software for MiniLog DataLoggers :
Simple ascii Terminal Application
1200 to 57600 Baud Rates
(SDI-12 for HS products)
 9 x 8 Configurable Buttons 
Capture Session Data
CSV Data Collection
View Data Graphically
Reload MiniLog Firmware

WinComLog Installer