LATROBE Gauging Winch (Double & Single Drum)

The Latrobe Gauging Winch is a hand operated winch capable of handling Gauging Weights up to 90 Kg (198 lb). The Latrobe Single Drum Winch holds double the length of single core conductor cable and can be fitted with dual slip-rings and multicore cable for use with directional current meters. The Latrobe Double Drum Model DDT900 can be used on small travellerways up to 60m (200 ft) span. The second drum can be easily removed to allow single drum operation and ease of handling. The Latrobe single drum Model WS900 can be fitted to a winch frame with outrigger, for use on boats or off bridges. A lightweight trolley is also used for bridge gauging.


  • Light Construction – Cast Aluminium Frames and Drums for easier transport and handling
  • Automatic Weston Brake – safety brakes which lock the winch if the handle is released
  • Free Fall Drag Brake – saves winding heavy weights down to water surface (manual winch only)
  • Counters housed within the frames – protected from external damage
  • Silver Plated Slip-rings – conducts signal from sounding drum to the current meter counter
  • Single Layer of Signal Cable on Drum – Prevents damage of internal conductor and premature replacement
  • Single extendable handle
  • Detachable traversing drum
  • Optional Dual Slip-rings
  • Optional 12VDC electric motor drive



Selected products
  • Load capacity: Designed for weights up to 140 Kgs
  • Sounding Drum: Cast aluminium - capacity 95M of 3.2mrn (1/8") diameter Amergraph cable, fitted with silver plated slipring and depth counter registering in centimetres.
  • Traversing Drum: Cast aluminium of same capacity as sounding drum, fitted with counter registering in decimetres and mounted in a pivoting yolk with handle for disengaging from sounding drum.
  • Geared Transmission System: Incorporates a Weston brake and a free fall drag brake for WS900 and DDT90. Not available for WS900/P
  • Traveller Block: Conventional size and shape, aluminium construction with pactene sheaves and stainless steel axles and pins.
  • Steelwork: The steelwork need only be a simple structure as outlined in Plan No. 7A. Lockable steel cover can be supplied attached to the mounting platform. (This is optional)
  • Dimensions:
    • Single Drum: 650 long x 440 long x 630 high

  • Weight: Single Drum: 31 Kg weight
  • Operating Cables: Meter Suspension Cable (Amergraph)
    • Single Conductor 3.2 (1/8") diameter, 4.5 Kg/100 Metres
  • Traversing Cable (Double Drum Only) 2.5 (3/32") stainless steel 7/7 construction
  • Weights 3.0 kg/100 Metres
  • Operation: Manual crank handle operation for models WS900 and DDT900 drum winches Model WS900/P Raise & Lower switch using 12VDC, 38Ah battery operated motor.