RP 30 Non-Contact Portable Velocity Radar

Mobile, contact free measurement of surface velocity profile on rivers especially under flood conditions. The RP-30 Radar Profiler, a mobile measurement system, is used to measure the surface velocity profile of rivers and canals. To achieve maximum mobility we offer different mobile mounting devices that will suit any situation. The measurement data are transferred in real time to a laptop by an integrated Bluetooth transmitter in the RP-30. The results can be viewed immediately on the computer screen during the measurement.

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Points of Interest

  • Portable mobile measurement system
  • For use on cable ways, bridge railings and tripods
  • For flood conditions and high flow velocities
  • No danger from flotsam and debris
  • Calculation of discharge with known water level and cross section profile
  • Easy user interface and handling
  • Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth
  • Measurement range from 0.30 to 15 m/s

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The RP-30 is used in rivers, streams and open channels and calculates the exact discharge of the body of water through several sectional velocity measurements. As is the case with the RQ-30, this method of measurement is also based on innovative radar technology including all the advantages of a non-contact measuring device.

The Radar Profiler is ideally suited for situationally and non-permanent monitoring tasks, for project evaluations or control measurements. In contrary to most other measuring devices it provides reliable values even in flood situations, which is an extremely interesting situation from a hydrological point of view and where most other sensors fail to be used. Therefore the RP-30 is particularly useful in flooding and natural hazard management.



With the aid of an adjustable traveller for handrails the Radar Profiler can be easily moved along a bridge railing to the desired measuring points. Alternatively it can be fixed to a cable crane or tripod. The measurement is then carried out in sections across the whole width of the river. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth transmitter the data are transferred directly to a laptop and can be viewed in real time during the whole measurement.