Hydra-Pulse 235

The Hydra-Pulse 235 is a continuous non-contact water level measurement sensor that is versatile, easy to use and program. Installation is simple and since the sensor measurement is non-contact (installed above the water) accurate water level measurements can be taken even in flood conditions without possibility of damage to the sensor. The next generation Hydra-Pulse has a proven mean time between failure (MTBF) of more than 50 years, and is the most accurate in the industry with a measurement accuracy of 2mm up to 115 ft (35 m).

*When combined with the HartBeat and HartBeat Plus additional interface options become available.  

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Points of Interest:

  •  Industry best +/-2mm accuracy to a measuring distance of 115 ft (35 m)*
  •  Accuracy unaffected by rain, humidity, dust or temperature
  •  4-20mA and HART
  •  Dual SDI-12 outputs (with HartBeat & HartBeat Plus)
  •  Remote sensor configuration (with HartBeat Plus)
  •  Completely waterproof and dustproof
  •  50+ years Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) 
  •  Completely maintenance free
  •  Easy installation

*Hydra-Pulse HYP275 available with 2mm accuracy up to a measuring distance of 246 ft (75 meters)