Absolute Shaft Encoder

The AD375MA and  AD375MAL absolute shaft encoders are low powered, microprocessor controlled devices, suitable for reliable and accurate sensing of water level.
The internal CMOS circuitry enables the encoder to output measured values in absolute format.
The encoder measures the angular position as the shaft rotates with changes in water level,totalises the signal and outputs in either 4-20mA (AD375MA only), SDI-12 or RS232.
The signal can be viewed via the LCD display showing 4-20mA range, current water level reading and battery voltages.The encoder can be float operated or connected to mechanical sensors, chart recorders and weir gates, utilising drive gears or chain and sprocket assemblies.

Main Features

  • High accuracy : +/-0.01%FS
  • Outputs : 4-20mA, SDI-12 or RS232
  • Programmable LCD Digitises and displays water level reading
  • Robust construction
  • Lithium battery back-up
  • Available with inbuilt data logger option (AD375MAL)
Selected products
  • Power Supply
    Operating : 9.0-16V DC
    Current Drain : 5mA @ 12V DC
    Battery back-up : Internal lithium

  • Outputs
    AD375MA:4-20mA, SDI-12 or RS232
    AD375MAL: SDI-12 or RS232

  • Connectors available in 'push-in' type or Milspec type
  • Enclosure IP65 powder-coated aluminium
  • Resolution 1mm (maximum error +/-1mm)
  • LCD Type: 2 x lines x 16 characters with backlighting (powered by external battery)
  • Displays: range, water level & battery voltage (-40°C LCD version available on request)
  • User Adjustable Resolution 375, 150 or 100 pulses per revolution
  • Memory : 4MB (up to 400,000 readings)
  • Float Kits available with a range of float kits and accessory items
  • Dimensions: 245mm (L) x 125mm (H) x150mm (D)
  • Mass: 1.5kg
  • Operating Temperature Range
    -40°C to +60°C (encoder only)
    -10°C to +60°C (standard LCD, -40°C LCD version available on request)

  • Humidity 95% non-condensing