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1. Viewing Downloaded CHM Files

|   General
Viewing Downloaded CHM Files HydroTel documentation is available in both CHM and HTML formats. CHM (Compiled HTML) is a Microsoft format. All modern versions of Windows include a CHM file viewer. CHM...  

2. iLevel FX Datalogger/Sensor

|   General
iLevel FX: Datalogger Absolute Water Level Sensor iLevel FX/SS  iLEVEL SDI-12 ABSOLUTE WATER LEVEL SENSOR (PT12 STAINLESS STEEL SENSOR ENCLOSURE) iLevel FX/TT  iLEVEL SDI-12...  

3. Connect with us on Social Media

|   Press releases
Our various social media accounts are a great way to keep up with what Hydrological Services America (HSA) is up to. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or check out our videos at YouTube.  

4. HydroTel: Telemetry System

|   General
HydroTel™ Release Notes HydroTel™ Help File Help files downloaded from the Internet need to be unblocked.  Instructions for doing this are  here. HydroTel Installer Current Release:...  

5. Class A Evaporation Pan

|   General
Material: Stainless Steel Construction: Welded Size: 255 mm x 1207 mm diameter Weight/shipping: 65Kg Crated Please note the bird guard is optional. Class A Evaporation Pan The Class A...  

6. iLink 2012: Datalogger Configuration Software

|   General
iLink 2012 Installer iLink 2012 Help File Help files downloaded from the Internet need to be unblocked.  Instructions for doing this are here. iLink 2012 Configuration Software for iRIS,...  


|   General
The following tasks can be performed with RQ Commander: Record and display of radar spectra Determination of k-values from cross sections to calculate the discharge from water level and flow...  


|   General
iRIS-Camera Application Capture Images: iRIS-CAM Camera Key features: Low power Fully weather sealed Images may be retrieved via any communication method available to the host datalogger Cost...  

9. HS55 Gas Purge Compressor

|   General
Points of Interest: Innovative, Maintenance Free Gas Purge System for Water Level Measurement Durable Industrial Strength Compressor for Years of Continuous Reliability 13.5 Liter/3.5 Gallon...  

10. HS23 Dry Bubble Unit

|   General
ModelHS23SLHS23DO Inlet to suit Tube Dia. 3/16”,1/4” or 3/8” 3/16”,1/4” or 3/8 Outlet to suit Tube Dia. 3/8”,1/4” or 3/16” 3/8”,1/4” or 3/16” Gas Supply Dry Nitrogen or Dry Air Dry Nitrogen or...  
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